Documenting the impact of a social justice movement

The Brief

LocalMotion is a social, economic and environmental justice movement, by communities for communities. It was created by six established funders in the UK who shared a desire to find new and better ways to tackle the common issues communities face in six locations in England and Wales (Carmarthen, Enfield, Lincoln, Oldham, Middlesbrough and Torbay).

After developing and launching the LocalMotion brand from scratch in 2022, Barley conceived the idea of producing a video series to demonstrate to funders the progress made in each of the six locations and inspire them to continue their support. This was particularly important given LocalMotion was created in response to funding squeezes and the increasing demand on charities and local grassroots organisations to plug the gap.

We produced a series of seven videos including a hero video, entitled The LocalMotion Story, which captures the Movement as a whole and short films for each of the six Places which explore their individual visions, projects and challenges.

Insights and Approach

Barley produced the seven videos in the series, coming up with the concept, drafting a plan and writing a storyboard for each.

LocalMotion operates democratically and therefore, as with the original brand building project, we needed to take a democratic approach to the production process. We involved LocalMotion’s stakeholders at all stages in keeping with this ethos and so that everyone affected by the issues in each Place had a voice.

We organised and oversaw a filming day in London and invited a representative from each of the six communities as well as those with lived experiences of the issues LocalMotion is tackling.

For the six short films, we commissioned local videographers to capture footage of projects and interview key figures in each of the six Places. We also used interview footage captured from the filming day in London for each of these.

The Outcome

The LocalMotion Story brings to life the Movement’s journey so far and documents the opportunities for local collaboration while acknowledging some of the challenges faced along the way. It also introduces each of the six Places and their visions and features short clips of interviews with representatives from each Place explaining how LocalMotion is a vehicle for change in their community.

The six short films feature additional content from the individual communities including both the locally captured footage and substantial interviews with local representatives and those directly impacted by the issues being tackled. They highlight that while each Place has different sets of circumstances and challenges, LocalMotion is helping each to achieve their goals by building connections, sharing learnings and planning collectively.

LocalMotion now has an asset which it can use to help inform and inspire funders and the wider funding community about positive potential of alternative models for social change.