Driving take-up of digital skills training

The Brief

Good Things Foundation’ Make It Click is a platform designed to help people with limited digital skills become more confident using the internet and other forms of digital technology. 

It is a resource with high-quality, up to date content – a one stop shop where people can find support to enhance their digital skills, which proved crucial during national COVID-19 lockdowns when physical centres were closed. 

Barley was brought on board to raise awareness of the platform, to inspire action and to signpost support resources for individuals and small business owners who needed to enhance their digital skillset  

Insights and Approach

To swiftly elevate the profile of Make It Click, we needed to deliver a blend of organic content, paid advertising and PR. 

First, we organised a detailed piece of strategic work developing a range of audience personas. We ran a simulation through all of the platform’s programmes with these audiences in mind, for instance, furloughed workers, and small business owners.  

 Our approach to selecting the right platforms to target ads and content was rooted in audience insights. Using our channel planning tool, we identified which social media platforms were most relevant for the audience personas, and ran six-week ad cycles for each one; for instance, younger audiences on TikTok and older ones on more traditional online platforms such as Facebook and Google. 

To enhance and humanise the campaign, we developed video content featuring case studies of individuals who had already engaged with Make It Click centres, helping credibility and putting a human face to the campaign. 

During this time, we also released a media story aimed at small businesses announcing the launch of a new Make It Click digital hub that could help them navigate the challenges presented by the pandemic. 

The Outcome

Through a mixture of organic and paid content, alongside a successful mix of national and trade coverage, the Make It Click website received over 85,000 site visits during the six-week programme, against a target of 50,000  

This has helped the Foundation provide individuals and small businesses with the support they need to improve their digital skills. 



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