hubbubHubbub makes environmental matters matter, creating fun campaigns that people latch onto and which go on to have a life of their own. They take a fresh approach to communicating environmental issues, focusing on people’s passions such as fashion, food, homes and neighbourhoods.

We work with Hubbub at every stage of their campaigns to raise awareness of issues and change behaviour, from strategy through to implementation.  We also work closely with Hubbub’s corporate partners, such as Unilever, Mothercare, Starbucks, Costa and Pret A Manger, to make sure brands are carefully integrated into campaign messages.


“It is a joy working with Barley. They combine great strategic insight with an ability to tenaciously deliver results. On top of that they are an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Trewin Restorick, CEO and Founder, Hubbub


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