Not every organisation can be or needs to be a household name. For us at Barley it’s about identifying whether profile matters and, if it does, prioritising the audiences that matter.

We work with charities advising on advocacy and using digital and traditional channels to raise awareness of their work with donors and potential donors, stakeholders and influencers.

We help raise awareness of organisations and their people but more often our work focuses on raising the profile of an issue that matters or is misunderstood.

Reputation matters and at Barley our people have over 20 years’ experience of working with organisations on difficult, sensitive issues. Offline and online. From tunnel collapses to Parliamentary inquiries, from complex service changes to data breaches, our people use their experience of handling serious incidents to advise on best practice in communications and reputation.




The theme of World Mental Health Day 2016 was trauma and presented an opportunity for us to showcase the work that Stoll does, helping Veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder with housing and rehabilitation.

We worked with Stoll to tell the story of Ian Camps, an army Veteran who had struggled with PTSD and who, with Stoll’s support, now runs the Veteran’s Kitchen.  This was featured in the Guardian online on World Mental Health Day. http://bit.ly/2dtfjwJ