Becoming a Certified B Corp

This summer, we announced Barley’s certification as a B Corp, joining a global community of businesses and organisations that are aiming for high standards of social and environmental impact.

With a comparatively high score of 114.1, we’re particularly proud that our commitment to purpose-led communications over the years has been validated– while also showing us that there is plenty of room for us to grow and develop in future. Visit our public profile here.

Throughout the B Corp application process, it became evident that three key areas played a role in our success.

  1. Having a clear vision and being bold

Since we launched in 2016, Barley has been driven by a purpose: delivering communication that matters. This core principle has guided our actions, helping us define how we operate, who we work with and how we interact with the wider world. As we look to the future, we want to make sure that this is embedded within Barley’s DNA, so last year we made the move to become majority employee-owned. This will help preserve Barley’s purpose, by granting guardianship and ownership to the team members who not only contribute to but are fundamental to Barley’s success. Knowing we wanted to retain our vision and give it longevity helped us make this bold decision.

  1. Taking a step back

From day one, we decided against having a physical office to reduce both overhead costs and environmental impact. However, as our team has expanded globally, we recognise that we must continue to work towards achieving zero impact on the environment; in fact, it is our responsibility to ensure best environmental practices for everybody who works with us remotely. In response, we’ve partnered with Greenly for a three-year programme to monitor and minimise our environmental footprint. Reflecting on how we must adapt was crucial to instigating this initiative.

  1. Keeping an open mind

Going on the B Corp journey prompted us to identify areas where we could improve. For instance, we recognised the need for greater progress in equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI). To address this, we worked with the Social Justice Collective, building a roadmap towards a more equitable and inclusive company culture. Our journey doesn’t end there; we continue to document our progress through Purpose Plus, which brings together our commitment to people, our clients, the environment and the wider world. Being open to learning from all voices in our company and our wider community is integral to improving as a B Corp.

As a certified B Corp, we’re excited about the opportunities that lie ahead for our team, our clients, partners and potential future clients. This milestone reinforces our dedication to conducting business in a way that seems natural to us at Barley. And it reminds us that we can always do better, as we continue to aim for higher standards.