Better Bankside reveals Hope Exchange Triangle

Better Bankside has collaborated with The Fandangoe Kid Studios on the new piece of artwork at Hope Exchange triangle to create a new public space that celebrates the LGBTQ+ community in Bankside, London and beyond.  

Found on the pedestrian area between Southwark St & Thrale St, opposite the Guild of Fine Food building, the Pink Triangle features bold designs and colours spread across pavings, planters and benches in the area and aims to bring to life the area’s solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community.

Annie from The Fandangoe Kid Studios says of the installation: “The pink triangle used here in the Hope Exchange, is both a celebration of the LGBTQ+ community’s strength and unity while reminding us all of the struggle to get here – a nod to a hopeful future, minds open.”  

Better Bankside will also be launching an area-wide Inclusion Network this summer, and is inviting people who work in Bankside from the LGBTQ+ community, other minoritised groups and allies to help shape its development. 

Nicole Gordon, CEO of Better Bankside said: “Throughout history Bankside has been known as an area where differences are celebrated and so it is extremely important to us that we champion diversity in all its forms. We are excited to unveil the new public art installation featuring the symbolic pink triangle, and launch our area-wide Inclusion Network. There is always more to be done and we are committed to continually looking hard at how we can improve and evolve our programme with a lens on inclusivity.”