Barley appointed by Genuine Solutions to lead comms strategy

Barley has been appointed by tech recovery and recycling experts Genuine Solutions, to develop a new communications and engagement strategy to support Genuine Solutions’s business aims as it merges three existing brands: GSUK, Genuine Solutions and Genuine Solutions Group, into one corporate entity.  

Genuine Solutions has developed its environmental focus since its inception 15 years ago, evolving from an award winning mobile and smart devices accessory distributor to a company that also provides recovery, recycling and reuse solutions for technology products, with the ambition of 100% reuse and zero products going to landfill.  

Following our appointment, Barley instigated a robust stakeholder research programme, designed to draw out perceptions of the different brands. These insights enabled us to design and facilitate a half day strategy and messaging workshop for 16 key members of the Genuine Solutions team, which we were able to run successfully despite lockdown restrictions, by using Zoom break out rooms. 

Barley has since developed a comprehensive integrated digital and media communications strategy which supports the five-year business plan, with the specific objectives of: 

  • Raising the profile of Genuine Solutions  
  • Enhancing the reputation of Genuine Solutions, demonstrating its services to stakeholders including customers, partners and consumers  
  • Raising awareness of the scale of tech waste and its impact on the environment, along with financial implications for both organisations and consumers  
  • Inspiring action from individuals and organisations to support the achievement of the company’s vision.  

The ultimate aim for our communications is to support Genuine Solutions’ primary brand articulation: helping us all waste less technology through recovery, relove and redistribution.  We look forward to launching the first wave of media and digital activity in the Autumn.