Suffolk and Norfolk light the way in the fight against food waste

  • Huge light installation to be projected on The Port House in Lowestoft Harbour to highlight food waste
  • 60% of people now agree that food waste is a major cause of climate change
  • Enough milk to fill nearly 100 shipping containers is wasted across Norfolk and Suffolk every year

The Port House in Lowestoft Harbour will be lit up from 5pm – 8.30pm for three nights (Thursday 2 to Saturday 4 December) to highlight the environmental impact of food waste. The installation brings the Food Savvy message to the streets of Lowestoft, aiming to tackle food waste across Suffolk and Norfolk.

New research from Food Savvy has revealed that there has been a positive shift in people’s attitudes towards food waste in the last year. The Food Savvy campaign is a collaboration between the Suffolk Waste Partnership, Norfolk County Council and environmental charity Hubbub,

Polling shows that 60% of people across Norfolk and Suffolk now agree that food waste is a major contributor to climate change, compared to 39% last year. And 28% now think food waste has more of an impact on climate change than single-use plastic.

The polling showed that people’s top three most common actions to reduce food waste are checking their kitchen before shopping (74%), using their freezer (71%) and making a conscious effort to waste less food (71%). But there is still room for even more improvement with respondents admitting that they continue to throw food away an average of three times per week.

Milk is in the spotlight with the #MilkSavvyy light installation in Lowestoft. Food Savvy research from 2020 revealed that a total of 6.7 million pints of milk1 are tipped away across Norfolk and Suffolk each year – that’s the equivalent of a whopping 96 shipping containers2. The light installation at The Port House in Lowestoft Harbour (which will appear in Norfolk in the new year) aims to draw attention to this type of food waste, which is so easy to avoid.

Cllr James Mallinder, Chairman of the Suffolk Waste Partnership said:“We’re thrilled to have the Milk Savvy installation in Lowestoft. We hope it will help people to rethink their food waste habits. Our Food Savvy research shows that people don’t want to throw away good food, particularly at a time when food costs are rising. We are very grateful to Anglian Water, the new owners of the Port House for making the light installation possible there. We hope it will inspire people to use up every drop of milk, slice of bread or any of the other foods that get wasted each day. All our actions impact the environment and the climate and even making small changes to how we manage our food and reduce food waste will make a positive difference over time.”

Cllr Andy Grant, Cabinet Member for Environment and Waste, Norfolk County Council said: “Norfolk residents are becoming more aware of the connection between food waste and climate change. We now want to build on this awareness and support them to take action to combat the issue. The Food Savvy website is packed with tips, delicious recipes and challenges to help people to bring their food waste right down.”

Mark Breen, Senior Creative Partner at Hubbub said: “It’s very encouraging to see that people are joining the dots between food waste and the impact it has on the environment. The greenhouse gases associated with food waste in the UK are the equivalent of those produced by 10 million cars. The great news is that there are many easy things people can do to bring their food waste right down. From writing a weekly meal plan, to portioning their rice or pasta perfectly and of course making the most of delicious leftovers. Small changes can go a long way, and it’s good for our pocket too.’

Launched in 2018, Food Savvy puts Norfolk and Suffolk at the forefront of the UK’s efforts to combat food waste. Over the past three years of Food Savvy, 1000 people have signed up to the Food Savvy newsletter, Food Savvy has secured over 100 new partnerships, launched 21 campaigns, and took part in or hosted 75 events and workshops which 21,500 people have got involved with.

Food Savvy tips to make sure you eat absolutely everything you buy:    

  • Plan your meals – get everyone in your house involved in suggesting the meals and snacks that they would like to eat over the week.   
  • Shop your kitchen – see what you have in the fridge, freezer and cupboards before you head to the shops.
  • Store food right – storing food the right way means it’ll last for much longer. Whether it’s keeping onions in a cool dry place or getting milk into the fridge or freezer. Head to the Food Savvy website to find out how well you’re doing.
  • Portion perfectly – rice and pasta are two of the most poorly portioned foods. For most people 50 to 75 grams is perfect.
  • Love your leftovers– If you’ve cooked too much, cool it, and get it in to the fridge as quickly as possible then thoroughly reheat or reinvent it within two days (one for rice).
  • Fill your freezer – it’s like a pause button to keep your food fresh. Whether it’s milk, slices of bread or a leftover meal.

If you’re ready to start saving money and reducing your food waste, then head over to the Food Savvy website now for lots more tips and inspiration –