World’s first accessibility-led online shopping experience announced

  • EnableAll will disrupt e-commerce sector by placing accessibility at the heart of the customer experience.
  • Disabled people encouraged to share insights; merchants invited to register interest

A new online marketplace with accessibility built into every element is set to transform the online customer experience for disabled people in 2022. ‘EnableAll’ will challenge the status quo which sees millions of disabled people unable to fully access online shopping and leaves retailers and online marketplace sellers out of pocket as they cannot meet all their customers’ needs.

Announced at a reception in the UK Pavilion at Expo Dubai 2020 on the International Day of People with Disabilities, EnableAll is the brainchild of Mike Adams OBE, CEO of Purple, an organisation which is changing the conversation on disability. Leading UK social care provider CareTech, through its Digital Technology Division, is backing the venture. The world’s first fully accessible online marketplace is set to roll out internationally early next year following the global exclusive launch today at the Expo supported by CareTech MENA.

Inspired by similar marketplace models such as eBay, EnableAll will connect sellers across industries with consumers looking for a convenient, easy, enjoyable shopping experience. The core difference is that accessibility will be built into every step of EnableAll from the outset, enabling a user journey where no customer is excluded.

With built-in solutions that are accessible-first, the platform will equip everyone with the tools they need to shop, unrestricted by their disability. It is designed to work with any assistive technology individuals are using. From screen readers and magnification software to tools that support those with mobility impairments and colour blindness, EnableAll will empower disabled people to find the goods and services they want, when they want them.

Evidence shows that disabled consumers are badly underserved, with a recent poll finding that UK businesses lost out on almost £412 million* during the peak of the pandemic because their websites are inaccessible. More broadly, the combined spending power of disabled people and their families in the UK is estimated at £274 billion and across the globe it’s $8 trillion. But only 3% of the top million websites meet internationally recognised standards of accessibility*. The experts behind EnableAll believe this leaves a huge market of dissatisfied and underserved disabled consumers – and a massive opportunity for merchants, commercially and socially.

Mike Adams OBE, Founder of Purple, said:

“Disabled people simply want to be able to access the online market in the same way as everyone else, and although change is happening, it’s not fast enough. The beauty of building a marketplace from scratch is that we are not tinkering around the edges of an existing behemoth, we’ve pressed fast forward and can launch with a product that is built around the needs of disabled people. EnableAll is ready to challenge the status quo, to disrupt the online market and, through demonstrating the art of the possible, encourage more businesses to consciously choose to include everyone. We remain passionate about supporting organisations to improve their own accessibility – now we are also excited to invite them to join us on this journey and unlock the benefits EnableAll will provide.”

Laura Faulkner OBE, UK Commissioner General and Director, Expo 2020, said:

“I am delighted that with EnableAll the UK is innovating and setting standards for businesses to follow and that this is being launched at Expo 2020 Dubai where the world has come together to develop solutions for the future.

Ensuring online sites and services are accessible for all presents a huge business opportunity for organisations to reach new customers around the world.”

Kevin Cooper, MD, EnableAll, said:

“Fifty seven percent of global online sales take place in a marketplace environment every year. Today online accessibility remains poor, and shopping online is no exception. EnableAll provides the opportunity for merchants to connect with and sell to a currently excluded audience, unlocking the spending power of millions of people whilst building their wider brand through demonstrating social awareness. Disabled people will be able to browse, compare and buy with confidence, knowing that their needs have been catered for from the outset. EnableAll will deliver fully inclusive e-commerce and I’m very excited to be part of this journey.”

Consumers can sign up for emails with updates at and merchants from all industries can register their interest at