A focus on impact.

Engaging and communicating on issues that matter

We spend a lot of time listening to senior managers, communications professionals and fundraisers. They tell us they’ve worked with too many agencies where a great strategy hasn’t worked its way through to delivery, or where they are bombarded with a bunch of creative ideas with no link back to their strategic goals.

In response to this, we developed our IMPACT model which we apply to all of our work. This begins with a deep understanding of our clients – their goals, communications objectives and target audiences.

From this we pin down what matters most and where we can make the greatest difference. We make sure that this flows through our detailed planning process and into the campaigns we deliver, with carefully crafted content and channel strategies designed to engage and influence target audiences.

Smart Strategy

Brilliant Execution



Getting to know you.

  • Understanding your business goals and strategy
  • Identifying issues and challenges
  • Researching audiences and stakeholders
  • Auditing and analysing your competitors

What Matters


Agreeing on objectives.

  • Constructing a timeline and key milestones
  • Challenging the status quo
  • Linking back to business goals
  • Setting clear expectations



Developing cohesion and consistency.

  • Crafting strategy
  • Applying insights
  • Building narratives and messages
  • Developing brand foundations
  • Propelling creative work



The people who need to see you.

  • Segmentation
  • Customer personas
  • Testing and polling

Content & Channels


How your audiences see you.

  • Developing relevant and compelling messages
  • Delivering seamless campaigns across traditional and digital media



When your audiences see you.

  • Knowing the news agenda
  • Flagging opportunities, proactively
  • Handling crises
  • Reviewing and flexing
  • Evaluating against objectives and KPIs

Smart Strategy

Brilliant Execution

Delivered by an expert team

Since we launched Barley, we have operated with flexible working practices and have embraced remote working from day one. This enables us to work with some of the brightest minds in the industry: strategy gurus who can’t commute because they are doing the school run; copywriters with caring responsibilities; and media relations experts and digital natives who gave up peak-time travel long before COVID-19.

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