Purple Tuesday

With 20% of the UK population having a disability, the combined spending power of disabled people and their families amounts to £249bn a year. But disabled people encounter many barriers to accessing goods and services – and less than 10% of businesses have a strategy to access this disability market.

Purple Tuesday was created by Mike Adams OBE to raise awareness and encourage organisations to improve the customer experience for disabled people. The catalyst for setting up Purple Tuesday was a shopping trip. In 25 out of the 28 shops he went into, staff either ignored him altogether or solely addressed his non-disabled partner.

As the initiative expands internationally and across all sectors, Barley are working closely with the Purple Tuesday team to explain the solutions that many organisations are putting in place to improve customer service for disabled people. We are leveraging interest through traditional media coverage and using a range of diverse content on social media.

Sign up to Purple Tuesday. It’s an initiative that matters every day.